Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day -270

Leaving to visit my west coast and Idaho families tomorrow, trying like mad to make some progress at work.  Had a dinner date with the scanner and now I'm trying to send myself some work through the internets so I can have it at home. 

I'm rereading Thru Hiker's Eyes.  It's a pretty funny book, if it were a movie it would be a cartoon.  There's seriously improbable things going on in there--like when a tent 'implodes' as someone packs it up without even getting out.  Ha!  I wish my some of my Scouties could learn to do that.  I think they TRY to pack the tent without getting out--that's what they tell me when I holler at them at 9am "Girls, we are packing up to leave.  Everyone else has their bags packed and you haven't even appeared outside  yet"  and they reply "We're Paaaaaaaaaacking!" 

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