Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day -271

Number crunching and RNA-Fail today.  What I wouldn't give for a job where I can SEE what I'm doing.  Lab work is soul shattering.  Also, it may or may not be giving me cancer.

In other news:  Something new that I can no longer live without.

Net tent and Poncho Tarp:  at 19 oz for the set, how could I go wrong?


Only thing I can't figure out is what the best way to set this up in the rain is.  Presumably, I'd be WEARING the poncho if it rains.  So how do you keep your gear dry while you set the poncho up?  Maybe you're meant to crouch down and peg the poncho out around you while you're inside?  Seems unlikely, though I'd love to see someone try that.

Or, I guess you could throw a ground cloth over your gear, put the tarp up and crawl inside.  The bug net may not be necessary in a storm.  Mosquitoes don't like rain, right?

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