Monday, June 20, 2011

Day -265

Fig. 1.  This is way better than the guest room
I'm half way through my yearly or bi-yearly trek to Idaho to visit the homestead.  I flew into Portland and hung out with some old Scout friends and drove my little buddy, Hopalong, down the coast to her grandparents' house.  On the way from Portland to Middle-of-Nowhere Oregon we stopped off at REI so that I could buy a new lexan cup to replace the old one I lost.  They didn't have the cup I wanted but I did manage to walk out of there with a Hennessy ultralight a-symmetrical hammock.  So much for the 6-moon net tent and poncho cape.  This baby's got it all.  It's a tent, it's a hammock, its a lounge chair.  And, I'll never have to look for spots to put my tent ever again.  I managed to figure out how to hang it and crawl into it with an armful of gear, though not too gracefully yet. Getting into a sleeping bag inside a hammock is another story entirely.  I've just got to figure out how to keep my backside warm in this thing.  Last night I threw an old coleman square bag in there as insulation and it worked well, but that won't be an option when I'm hiking.  I'll have to try it out with the Neo-Air and the z-rest to see which works best.

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