Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There's an article about Andrew Skurka  in the March issue of the National Geographic Adventure magazine.

Here's a guy who actually walks the walk.  He traveled around the state of Alaska in 176 days.  He says it makes him feel alive.  And that makes sense.  When your only occupation is attending to your basic needs, and moving from point A to point B, it makes sense to be in tune with your existence.  Sometimes the existence is called into question and I think that's when you REALLY get to the core of what it means to exist.

We are, for large part, a nation of bystanders when it comes to venturing into nature's realm. Oh, there are day trips, weekend campouts, and occasionally multi-day trips for some of us. But to step entirely out of our comfort zone to head out into the wild for days on end, well, that's why there are the Andrew Skurkas of the world whom we can live vicariously through. 

Today I spent some time sweating at the Sony Ericsson Open.  I work right down the street and the opportunity to play hooky presented itself.  I took it.  Not quite the same as circumnavigating the state of Alaska solo, but it felt pretty hard.

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