Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sam Gardner and the All-in Trek

I ran across this guy over at whiteblaze  He is getting a bit of attention over there.

He set up this website.  He made some big claims.  In one year, starting 1 January 2011, he was going to hike the North Country Trail--4600 miles from New York to North Dakota--then, hop on a plane and start the Pacific Crest Trail --2650 miles from Mexico to Canada along the west coast-- headed north, no doubt to thaw his bones out after a few months snow shoeing.  Again, a plane hop over to the northern terminus of the Continental Divide Trail --3100 miles from Canada to Mexico through Montana (skirting Idaho), Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.  I assume by here he'd be hitting his stride.  Three trails down and only the shortest trail on his list--the Appalachian Trail-- still to go.  I guess it was to be his victory lap.  By my calculations that would put him at around November to come off the CDT and Again! hop on a plane and hit the northern terminus of the AT.  I'm not sure how he planned to do this one--Baxter State Park closes to overnight camping on October 15th.

I know that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but 12,525 miles in 360 days (- travel between trail heads) = 34.8 miles per day.  That seems a bit unrealistic to me.

Sam had to come off the trail in early March due to a hip injury.  He's planning to start again next January 1.   Best of luck to him.

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