Monday, January 30, 2012

Gear List

Most of my gear (not including food and water).  Not shown:  fleece jacket, hiking poles and 50' paracord.

Here's the whole list:

Pack--Granite Gear Vapor Ki
20* Down sleeping bag
Rain coat + Rain pants
Tent--Eureka Spitfire + 4 v-shaped aluminum stakes (not the stock stakes, those are terrible)
1.3 L titanium pot
MSR simmerlite stove + fuel bottle
Brunton compass
Aluminum alloy spork
Lexan mug
AT data book
2 t-shirts (the extra one is a luxury item, I guess, but I like to have a dry tshirt)
midweight-polypro-longjohn top and bottoms
SOL heatsheet (carrying this with the kids but I may ditch it later)
Camp shoes
Fleece hat
Thermarest Neo-air shorty

Let's take a closer look:

 3 pairs socks
Katadyn Hiker water filter
Electronics:  SPOT, Phone, Camera + chargers
Zipka headlamp
Hiking pants
fleece gloves
hand sanitizer
1 oz castile soap
matches + lighter
2L water bladder
small first aid kit (more on this later)
toothbrush + toothpaste + glasses + contact soln (that's in the green bag)
hiking boots
Knee high gaitors

All this gear puts my base weight around ~15 lbs.

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