Monday, October 17, 2011

Day Hike. Day -148

We went on our first long hike of the year last weekend.  The weather was pleasant--which was a nice change from the torrential downpour we camped in the weekend before (Day -155, -154)--we had breezes and cloud cover to keep us cool(ish).  This is still Florida after all.

We went up to Jonathan Dickinson State Park and hiked the East Loop.  It's a 9.8 mile loop that passes by the Scrub Jay campsite at mile 5.5.  We stopped for lunch there because there is a well with water (must be treated), benches to sit on and a composting toilet.

The trail is mostly flat and in the open.  There are a few spots where there is some shade, but the park is mainly sand, scrub and dead trees.  The first 2.3 miles of the East Loop out towards Scrub Jay has a bit of up and down over some sand dunes.

All the rain last weekend filled up the little dips in the trail and we had more of a swamp slog than we anticipated.  The girls learned the value of proper hiking shoes and why we wear long socks.  (ie: dry feet and fire-ant/cactus/thorn encounters).

We encountered wildlife:

And found a little bit of shade, but not much:

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