Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day -273

Sorted out plans to meet up with my old Scout friends next week in Oregon.  They're not real family, but they're chosen family.  Whenever we see each other it's like no time has passed.  Friends fade away eventually but family won't let you get away so easily.  I don't get to spend too much time with them though, I'm only on the coast for 'business'.  I'm dropping my little buddy Hopalong off at her Grandpa's house and then I'm off to Idaho to visit my natal family.  The farm land and open space will be a nice change of pace for a week.

Took the dogs to the beach this morning before visiting one of my co-leaders to sort out the finances.  She was a bit taken aback when I dumped out the jar of receipts on her kitchen table.  Turns out I'm also supposed to open the bank statements?  We got through it without any bloodshed, Hurrah! 

One of my scouts dropped off a tightly sealed up garbage bag yesterday.  I thought it only had the crummy walmart tent the troop owns in it.  Today I was cleaning up my room and I was just going to throw the whole bag in the tent closet when I thought better and opened it up.  Turns out there was my own 2man tent, the troop tent AND a gob of moldy cream cheese in there.  Ugh, 5th graders! I resolve to never let those Scouts out of my sight until we unpack group gear after a trip.  Be it lightning, snowing, raining or dead of night... 

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