Friday, March 18, 2011

Scout Haute Couture

Figure 1. Subject is wearing long johns under shorts with spandex cape

You won't see it on the runways in Paris, London or even Miami.  The fashion industry is all but blind to it, but there is a whole segment of fashion design that belongs only to the Scouts.  I will call it Scout Haute Couture.

This is something interesting that happens when Scouts are together.  The general conventions of fashion or typical adolescent self conscious behavior flies out the window.  This phenomenon can be observed in as little as 10 minutes, though rare.  Usually after 1 to 2 days removed from society the Scout in her natural habitat will begin exhibiting signs of squirrely-ness in dress and behavior.

Scout Haute Couture can be recognized by the subject's inability to match color, pattern or even material.  Mainstream ideals of acceptable things to put on your face fly by the wayside and banana stickers, magic-marker-mustaches and some types of food become facial adornments.  Anything that can be wrapped around a limb such as grass, flowers, or office supplies become jewelery.  Materials that are usually off limits become highly sought after.  (Fig. 1-3)

Figure 2.
Figure 3.

Even more unique about the Scout fashion movement is the willful disregard by most participants for the customary hygiene habits.  Clothes that would be washed after ever use or every other use can go weeks without cleaning at camp.

The authors conclude that because Scouts have a refined system of friendship the typical societal rules for presentation can be stretched to accommodate more complete outward expression of a person's personality.  The most amazing facet of the Scout Haute Couture is the ability to ignore the powerful odors that can develop after two or three days on the loose.  Scouts can remain friends through experiences like this and have developed their own standards to live by (Yes, the lake counts as a shower.  Yes, babywipes are perfectly acceptable for day to day hygiene).

The level of comfort that allows Scouts to be Best Friends Forever and is both the cause and effect of the strange fashion that manifests itself in Scout settings.  Because how could you Not be friends with someone who is baring their sole to you thus (Figure 2). And if this were you, why would you not want to share it with your friends? (Figure 3).

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  1. This is so true when you are a scout there is no such thing as clothes going out of style. Thanks for the good laugh